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Learn self defence in Remuera

If you live in Remuera and you are interested in self defence, Remuera Taekwon-Do is a sound choice. We have an holistic approach to self defence, teaching both psychological and physical aspects.

If events do become physical, respond quickly and effectively – and be prepared for what may come afterwards. Yes, you were defending yourself. Is that what the police will believe? What happens if you meet the attacker’s friends a week later, how will they react to you? Consider these self defence issues in advance, and you will be better equipped to deal with them.

Self defence for children

We teach self defence that is appropriate for the different age groups of our classes, including safely diffusing and dealing with bullying for children.

Our number one self defence tip: trust your intuition. If you ever get the feeling that something is wrong, listen to yourself. Do not let your ego override your gut with, “I’ll be fine, I’m being silly.” If you feel that something is wrong, it may be that you noticed something sub-consciously that you haven’t notice consciously. React accordingly – if you are right, it may save your life. If you are wrong and you reacted sensibly, you can move on safely anyway.

Self defence and New Zealand law

We have a very effective law of self defence in New Zealand. If you honestly believe you are in trouble, and your response is reasonable in the circumstances, the law will be on your side. The best thing about our law is you don’t have to know it or understand it for it to work for you. You don’t have to warn your attacker before you react. You don’t have to retreat before you attack. And if you hold a black belt in a martial art, you do not have to register yourself as a weapon with the police. Isn’t it funny how these urban myths spread!

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