About our club

Our club began under the banner ‘Meadowbank Taekwon-Do’ back on 23 January 1986 in St Chads hall, Meadowbank.

Within twelve months we had outgrown that facility and the only other premises we could find big enough to call ‘Home’ was Remuera Intermediate, Ascot Avenue.

We operated as ‘Meadowbank’ for many years before taking the logical step and changing our name to ‘Remuera Taekwon-Do’.

We have seen many changes over that 30 plus years and many of the people who were there on our opening night are still involved with the International Taekwon-Do Foundation of New Zealand to this day.

Also during that time, we have had the pleasure of escorting many people from white belt to amongst some of the most senior black belts in our organisation.

We pride ourselves on being a ‘Family’ orientated club in which we encourage not only the young students, but their whole families to become involved in an art/sport where young and old can train, learn and develop together to achieve their goals.

There are not too many endeavours that can offer that sort of family camaraderie!